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About us

Something more about Dhanmondi Tutorial

Established in 1972, we have come a long way by the grace of Almighty Allah. Dhanmondi Tutorial (DT) is an institution that has produced and nurtured hundreds of brilliant students who now live both at home and abroad. Our students are not only top achievers, but more importantly, they are also of sound nature and often become an asset to any country they choose to live in.
Elementary level: Our teachers, with their motherly affection, take these little angels by the hand and drift away into the world of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars. From a tender age, we try to reach their tender hearts and make the journey of education a pleasurable one. It is the world of ‘ABC’ and also:- washing the hands before eating. These may seem like simple tasks, but for those who have learned to take their first step – it is Himalayan!
Middle school: It's time to be a little serious. In the world of Information Technology, children grow faster than we expect. The little angels- can now read, write and above all – ask questions. Our teachers instill the difference between right and wrong, the need for good manners along with factual knowledge. It is amazing to observe that students come to school to acquire education but they are a huge source of information themselves. Our job is to take these two together. Our teachers become ‘facilitators’and try to make our students ‘independent’ by ‘acquiring’ the information in the classroom and using it outside the classroom. The use of complex ‘Information Technology’ has also made students smarter. Students are able to handle and use complex gadgets with much care.
Senior school: We see them as full-grown butterflies- in different characters and identity. It is here, where education becomes a matter of a ‘big examination’- preparation for the ‘O’ levels and 'A’levels begin – the twinkling of little Stars turn into A’s and A Stars’ in these examinations.
The excellent laboratories that we are able to offer along with the excellent teachers, help our students often become outstanding achievers, bringing the “World’s Highest Mark’ award home. The school has three fully equipped science laboratories: one for Physics, one for Chemistry and one for Biology. These Labs are recognized by the London School Examination Board, which supervises the ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level exams. The equipment is adequate both for the number of students and for the level of practice required for the ‘A’ Levels. All lab activities take place under the careful supervision of qualified and experienced personnel.
We often see our students shed a few loving tears at our Graduation Ceremony. When our graduating students pay their respects to our teachers. we know, that at DT, we are doing a good job.