• House no. 14 Road no. 8 Dhanmondi R/A

  • +8802-58616994

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Principal’s Message

Dhanmondi Tutorial lies in the heart of Dhanmondi and is one of the oldest and the best school situated in this locality. For years, we have produced excellent students who had taken their first
tiny step in kindergarten and had left this school after the completion of their ‘A’ Level Examination.

I firmly believe that there is no right way or a wrong way of teaching a child. What works for one child, may not have any meaning for the other. At Dhanmondi Tutorial, we cater to the needs of our students on a one to one basis. We often have to adapt to an alternative behavior when dealing with a child – who does not behave in the way we want him/her to behave. We maintain a positive approach at all times, which usually has a more lasting ‘positive’ effect on a child’s physical, mental and emotional health.

We also maintain a friendly, trusting environment- in which our students are able to study with comfort and ease-and ‘learning’ becomes a pleasure. When our students enter the school at an elementary level, these little ones feel the need to be hugged and protected. As they grow older, the need for a bit of strictness becomes essential. We are able to make our students understand their mistake. We share a solid bond with them and this is the reason our students remember us with so much of love and respect. Finally, my teachers, make the difficult journey of education a pleasant one. Students in Dhanmondi Tutorial grow up in the supervision of the best teachers of our country. The combination of our excellent staff, teachers, and students makes Dhanmondi Tutorial a special place to be in.  

Naz Mustafa

Principal, Dhanmondi Tutorial